Holiday Giving, an Interfaith Alternative

Every year, the Christmas vs. The Holidays debate is dragged out, dusted off and hung up again. I'd like to propose an alternative way to express a (non-Christian) encounter with Christmas. Let's agree that Christians are the majority but not the only religious culture that influences our popular and public culture. Let's agree that they do have a holiday called Christmas.

Let's help them have it.

If you are Muslim, Atheist, Pagan, Hindu or something else -- in other words, if you are not Christian -- give your Christian colleagues a break this holiday season. Offer to cover shifts, pick up the slack on projects and so on. If most of your family celebrates Christmas and you don't, offer to do the grocery shopping or watch the kids. Think of it as a birthday: to people we care about and coexist with, it's a significant day. It's just not our significant day…

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