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Spiritual Space flyer April 2011

The text  reads:

Come to the urban worship space at the Healing Center…Pray, reflect, meditate or simply enjoy a few moments of peace.

Anyone who wishes to retreat from the hectic pace of the city is welcome to connect with Spirit in this sacred non-denominational space. A simple and intimate room will open to a rooftop greenspace with a fountain and benches for quiet contemplation.

The staircase leading to the worship space will feature symbols from the diverse Faith and Spiritual communities of New Orleans, but the space itself will contain only light and that all may worship in their own ways.

The Interfaith Program at the Healing Center is run by Headwaters/Delta Interfaith. We work with local, national and international organizations to encourage curiosity, cooperation and concord and bring faith and spiritual leaders together to share perspectives, discuss common concerns and plan faith, spiritual and culture-specific activities and festivals. We partner with other Healing Center tenants to make faith culture part of holistic community expression and outreach; this venue will become a destination for traditional art, music and the unique celebrations of diverse cultural groups.

For more information, visit
email or call 952.457.4530

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  1. Having a roof top garden and that too with fountains will be a pleasing one. It will create a peaceful feeling to those who sit by them.