Zen Meditation Group: Tues & Thurs 7:30am


“When you find your place where you are, practice occurs.”
Zen Master Dogen
(13th Century)

Zen Meditation at the New Orleans Healing Center

Zen meditation or zazen is a practice of settling the mind by fully experiencing the body in this moment. The practice is to acknowledge thinking when it happens and to gently bring the mind back over and over again to the breath, to the posture and to what is happening inside and outside of us in the present. Continued zen practice can bring us openness, clarity, increased energy, a greater sense of connection to the world around us and the quiet confidence that we can meet with dignity most of what life hands us.

People of all faiths and backgrounds are welcome to experience this openness with us on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 am in the Interfaith Center on the 4th floor of the New Orleans Healing Center at 2372 St. Claude Ave. If you do not arrive by the beginning of the first sitting period, please wait to join us at 7:55 am when we will begin 5 minutes of walking meditation. The first day of sitting meditation will be Tuesday, October 25th. Instruction for Beginners will be provided every Tuesday morning at 7:10 am. Also, every Tuesday we will do a brief reading from a book on zen. The Suggested Donation is $5. While we are just starting out, please bring your own meditation cushion or pillow. If you prefer to sit in a chair, there are good chairs for meditation provided.

Facilitators, Casey Groves and Rachel Whitman, have been practicing with their teacher, Fr. Robert Kennedy Roshi, at Morning Star Zendo in New Jersey for the past 11 years. Casey is a New Orleans native who has an M.A. in Spirituality and has been practicing zen since 1993. Rachel has a deep connection to Japanese culture that emerged as a result of having traveled there many times as part of cultural exchange programs.

contact innercompasszen@gmail.com for more info

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