Upcoming Pagan Events: Wand-Making; Pagan Bloggers & Pagan Pride (2013) Planning Meeting

Select Sundays, 2:15pm at our Interfaith Spiritual Space

WAND-MAKING:  A WORKSHOP - Sunday, May 13th at 2:15 PM - Join us for a lively workshop on the history and artistry of wand-making (as traditionally used by magickal practitioners, not Harry Potter fans), where you will get to take home your very own wand!  Wands have been an important tool in magickal ritual practice for decades, and yet, few people have taken the time to explore its history or the wand's necessity. We will be on the 4th floor of the interfaith space at the New Orleans Healing Center at 2:15 PM. Please bring $5 per wand to cover wand cost and room use.  You must RSVP beforehand to participate. 

THE PAGAN BLOGOSPHERE:  THE NEWEST WAVE OF PAGANISM - Sunday, May 27th at 2:15 PM - Blue Star Owl is a rising star in the Pagan blogosphere, and will be talking about the internet's untapped resource: the personal blogs of Pagans.  As Paganism became transformed when it came into the public eye, personal practice has been transformed by our ability to share our personal thoughts and practices with more people faster and over a greater distance.  Come learn how to create your own blog, and some of the better blogs to follow for spell advice, ritual critique, and new practices to incorporate into your life!  Visit her blog at www.bluestarowl.wordpress.com.

New Orleans Lamplight Circle is proud to announce that we will be hosting The 2013 New Orleans Pagan Pride Day!! Our hope is to gather together with all the Pagan groups in the city and put on a fantastic pride day with rituals, games, live music, occult vendors, food and liquor, drumming, fire dancing, Pagan authors, educational workshops and booths, a food drive, tables for local groups, etc., all with free admission to the public!!! This event will take place between Aug. 1st and Oct. 31st of 2013, but planning and preparation begins NOW!!

We are calling out to all those groups and individuals interested in coordinating and working this event, because with something this massive, we need as much support as possible! We will be creating a creative committee to oversee getting permits, signing up musical acts, contacting local vendors, etc. We will also be fundraising for a full year to fund it. We want people who will get invested in the PPD and/or who have been outstanding members of the New Orleans Pagan community for some time now. Please show up and get involved at what will be one of the biggest Pagan events of 2013!!

Please email tubebedubayou@hotmail.com for more information on any of these events.

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