Heart-Opening Meditation & Transformational Workshops

A warm welcome to Anra Hoegemann! She will be leading Heart-Opening Meditation & Transformational Workshops in the 4th Floor Spiritual Space at New Orleans Healing Center. She is only in New Orleans until January, so be sure not to miss her.


Mondays, 8-9am ~Heart-Opening Meditation:
Give yourself 45 minutes of heart focusing and rejuvenation! We will start with a 20 minute guided meditation for the heart followed by an exchange of healing energy and Mantra singing.
free - donations accepted

Mondays 9-11am & Fridays 3-5pm ~Transformation Workshop: Guided meditation to address and then transform your most internal conflict, issue or wound.
free - donation accepted

For more information, please contact Anra 504-327-6109 or visit her website.

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